About the Artist


With work hanging at the White House and in permanent, private and Museum collections, through out the world, John Seerey-Lester (the man in the Panama Hat) has become one of the most renowned wildlife and plein air artists in the world today. His passion is to paint outdoors from life, which has led him to the wilds of Africa, India, China, the Arctic and Antarctica, as well as Central and South America. Alaska and Canada have also been favorite locations for John. Now he brings this passion to Useppa Island and his other interest, painting nostalgic and historic scenes.

Formerly an editor and an advertising executive, he has been painting professionally since 1974. He now has over 350 limited edition prints on the market.

John's images have a mysterious and a mystical appeal, directly related to his ability to paint the unusual. His skill in painting mist, and atmospheric night scenes is evidenced in many of the paintings in this book.

Today he lives in Florida, with his wife and fellow wildlife artist Suzie whom he married in January 2000 on Useppa Island.

John can be contacted at seereylester@msn.com


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