About the Author


Dale Ludwig had his first novel published over ten years ago while pursuing a career as a mild-mannered media-marketing officer in the financial services area. Dale, who views life as a series of passages, has made several important passages himself - early on from TV talent to TV production to developing and directing elaborate multi-media presentations. Then on to a dual life as a novelist, by day ghostwriting for and helping numerous key executives throughout the financial services industry manage relations with their most important constituents and by night turning real events into even more novel ideas. As a published novelist he is now devoting his time to developing several related non-fiction pieces built around the Passage In Time concept, which uses fictional prose to bring the thoughts, words and actions of real characters to life. His passion for history made the research and writing of Useppa - A Passage in Time, a fulfilling challenge. The result became a true labor of love as the island's soul captured him as it has so many of the characters depicted in this story. He lives in Florida and Cape Cod with his wife, Christine.

Dale can be contacted at daleludwig@vzavenue.net


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