A Passage in Time
A novel inspired by real events

Written by
Dale Ludwig

Paintings by
John Seerey-Lester

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This elegant coffee table book depicts native wildlife, colorful inhabitants and major events in the 10,000-year history of Useppa Island in Southwest Florida. More than 80 vibrant paintings by world renowned artist John Seerey-Lester richly complement the sensitive, lyrical writing of novelist and historian Dale Ludwig.

Useppa • A Passage in Time is available in 2 versions - a limited edition package costing $599 and a trade edition for $59. The limited edition package consists of a leather-bound, numbered book, signed by the author and the artist – and a beautiful signed and numbered, limited edition print. Discerningly priced at $599.00, it is currently available.

Useppa · A Passage in Time” has won the Independent Publisher’s Silver Literary Award (
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Printed in Canada

Passages Press.

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Table of Contents



 Whelks: to a Cottage Industry


 My Kingdom for a Fish


 Maps Say de Soto Slept Here


 Gaspar Tries to Take a Wife


 They Still Don't Talk to the Others


 What is Real Property Anyway?


 Zen and the Art of Sport Fishing


 The Bum Quit School at Sixteen


 Forget the Road Less Traveled


 Good News Travels Slow


 Recipe for Making Whoopee


 Wanted: A Unique Island Rental


 A Place for a Pool and My Boat


 Rediscovering the Road Less Traveled


 How to Buy an Island on Sweat Equity


 The Magnificent Seven and More


 Reinventing the Old Florida Style


 Digging Up the Past While Uncovering the Future


 Still Finding Funny Bones


 Anecdotes, Yarns and Truth


 Say Goodbye to the Old Olive Tree


 Another Opening, a New Beginning

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