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John's New Book!

John Seerey-Lester's Legends of the Hunt is now available
as a trade edition and three different limited editions.
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Now John Seerey-Lester has taken another temporary step back in time to the early 1900s to capture the golden age of the White Hunter and the heritage of hunting in North America and Africa.

Seerey-Lester’s images have a mysterious, mystical appeal, directly related to his ability to paint the unusual. His skill in painting mist and atmospheric night scenes is evidenced in many of the paintings displayed in this book.

Published by Sporting Classics Magazine, 1 (800) 849-1004.

Suzie's New Book!

“My Painting is Done,
Now What Do I Do?"

The one book every artist should own.

The ultimate new art business book is about to hit the shelves. The author, Suzie Seerey-Lester has over 30 years experience working for Fortune 500 companies in sales and marketing, responsible for millions of dollars per month in sales. She has won several distinguished awards for her art, and has sold her paintings throughout the world including Christie’s and Sotheby’s Art Auctions in London. Her husband, John Seerey-Lester, is one of the top wildlife artists in the world today, with paintings hanging in the White House and in permanent, private and museum collections throughout the world. John has been a professional artist for over 35 years and is known as the Godfather of Wildlife Art. Over the years he and Suzie have developed systems that streamline the business side of art. Combining these ideas, and putting them into a simple easy-to-read book, Suzie has gathered the tried and true, well kept secrets that every artist can use.

“My Painting is Done, Now What Do I Do?” is designed to help you set up or improve your art business. Written in an easy to understand way with a touch of humor, the book covers everything from setting up your inventory; keeping track of paintings; photographing your work so it gets attention; to sales techniques. You get advice on such things as how to frame your paintings; setting your prices; shipping art internationally and domestically; and preparing for exhibitions.

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“My Painting is Done, Now What Do I Do?", $24.95 + $7.50 shipping = $32.45 (U.S. only)

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New Old Book:

Now available from John and Suzie - a limited number of hardcover books from 1992 - $150

Published by Mill Pond Press, John's journal and field sketches done while traveling through India and Nepal - his hand written thoughts and observations on the land, the people, and the wildlife. Illustrated with reproductions of the actual watercolor and pencil sketches. Black cloth with gilt lettering on the cover. Click here to view some sample pages.

"Impressions of India and Nepal", $150 + $15 shipping (U.S. only, Canada and other International customers please e-mail to place your order. U.S. customers may use secure Paypal ordering:

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Now Available!


Painting Wildlife
John Seerey-Lester

This incredible how-to book features the award winning painting techniques of one of the world's foremost wildlife artists.

Whether you are an aspiring artist or a seasoned one or someone who simply appreciates fine art, this handsome volume is sure to be a favorite in your collection!

Painting Wildlife with John Seerey-lester
(North Light Books, 2003)
Hardcover, 144 pages, on secondary market by request only (ISBN: 1581802420)

"On the Easel" DVDs:

The videos will be retailing for $59.95 each, plus $7.50 (domestic) shipping & handling. (Shipping to Canada and other international is $11.50 each.)

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"Polar Impact"

Watch as John Seerey-Lester creates a painting from start to finish, including the research undertaken in the wild. On the easel you will see how John accomplishes composition, perspective, atmosphere, painting fur and light to create a masterpiece.

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"Sonora Majesty"

See the challenges and the solutions as John creates "Sonora Majesty" in oil.

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"Campfire Shadows"

Watch the magic as John paints one of his uniquely mysterious dark images from start to finish on DVD as he paints "Campfire Shadows" On the Easel in acrylic.

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Painting Fur – Vol. I, Specify Acrylic or Oil, $59 + $7.50 shipping ($11.50 Canada & Intnl.)
     Mammals feature prominently in the paintings by wildlife artist John Seerey-Lester. In this, the first in his Master Series of DVDs, you will see him demonstrate the various techniques he has adopted to paint fur. He explains the importance of understanding anatomy and how the muscle form of an animal can be defined with simple brush strokes and by the careful rendering of the fur.
     Noted for his technique of painting fur, you will see how John achieves the feeling of depth through the use of different brush strokes, dry brush work and impasto textures and how he creates the illusion that individual hairs have been painted.

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Painting Animals – Vol. II, Specify Acrylic or Oil, $59 + $7.50 shipping ($11.50 Canada & Intnl.)
     Animals feature prominently in the paintings of wildlife artist John Seerey-Lester. In this DVD you will see him demonstrate the various techniques he’s adopted when painting such elements as skin, fur and eyes.
     To John, the most important aspect of an animal are the eyes; they are usually the first thing on which the viewer focuses. “Each wild animal has its own character, so it’s vital that the expression in its eyes bring out that individuality,” says John. In this video he shows you how to achieve the expression by taking you through a demonstration and later discussing where these techniques have practical application in completed paintings. John demonstrates how animals use their coats for camouflage and how interesting use of light can change the mood of an animal, and ultimately the painting

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Painting Birds – Vol. III, Specify Acrylic or Oil, $59 + $7.50 shipping ($11.50 Canada & Intnl.)
     All birds have their own characteristics, and, in this DVD, John Seerey-Lester talks about the importance of observation and understanding bird behavior and feather formation.
     He demonstrates how to paint feathers and the importance of accurate markings, how to achieve perspective by foreshortening of features and the correct use of light and shade to give form to a bird’s body. Many artists paint flat-looking birds: John describes how this problem can be overcome.
     As with mammals, the eyes of birds are most important, and in this DVD, John takes you step-by-step through the painting techniques he’s adopted to achieve the desired results.

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Working in the Field – Vol. IV, Specify Acrylic or Oil, $59 + $7.50 shipping ($11.50 Canada & Intnl.)
     All wildlife painting should start in the field. To achieve authenticity in painting as much time as possible should be spent in the wild studying animals and birds and their habitats.
     In this DVD you will join John Seerey-Lester as he demonstrates his many field techniques, from location painting of landscapes, field sketching of wildlife using a spotting scope and the naked eye, to his use of video and DVD as a method of observation.
     You will see John in a variety of habitats – from Alaska to the tropics – and will watch him as he puts his various techniques into motion. The emphasis of the DVD is painting and sketching on location rather than using photography. Over the years John has found his field sketches to be a most valuable form of reference because they provide the artist with a much better understanding for his subject.

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Painting Snow – Vol. V, Specify Acrylic or Oil, $59 + $7.50 shipping ($11.50 Canada & Intnl.)
     Snow dominates many of John Seerey-Lester’s paintings and he is often asked how he paints it. In this DVD you will see just how it is done. Through a series of studio demonstrations John shows the techniques he’s adopted to achieve different snow textures. He takes you step-by-step through his technique.
     You will also see how John paints animals and bird tracks and hear him explain how tracks and cast shadows cans be important design factors in a picture. The DVD also shows how he creates the inner glow from reflected light in snow and ice. Finally John walks you through completed paintings and shows you how snow is an important factor in them.

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Painting Water – Vol. VI, Specify Acrylic or Oil, $59 + $7.50 shipping ($11.50 Canada & Intnl.)
     Water is one of the most challenging elements to paint. In this DVD John Seerey-Lester shows how many of the problems of painting water can be overcome.
     Watch as John paints the various kinds of water – from rapids to still ponds and lakes. Renowned for his painting of splashes of water, he demonstrates how he achieves the desired effect using step-by-step examples.
     You will see how he uses this to show directional movement. You will also see John show how to create the illusion of looking through water to the lake or river bed and hear him explain, through example, the principles of painting objects reflected in water and how the movement of water distorts them. You will see how John makes water sparkle and how he paints the ripples created by objects passing through water.

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Painting Elements – Vol. VII, Specify Acrylic or Oil, $59 + $7.50 shipping ($11.50 Canada & Intnl.)
     Many elements go into the making of a wildlife painting. Unlike a photographer, the painter is rarely satisfied with everything he finds in one location and often has to bring in elements from elsewhere to make a composition work.
     Having already covered the more obvious elements in previous DVDs, John Seerey-Lester concentrates on the small, seemingly insignificant elements of nature that help create a more authentic wildlife painting. John goes to painstaking lengths to study, sketch and paint the small aspects of nature in his field work. If he’s unable to sketch something on location, he’ll bring it back to his studio, if possible, for more detailed observation.
     In this DVD, John begins by demonstrating the many techniques he uses to paint such things as rocks, stones, fallen trees, driftwood and grasses that might eventually be included in a finished piece. Always conscious of scale, he carefully places these elements within a scene. “Every element should have a purpose,” he says. Watch and listen as John explains what role a particular element plays within a painting.

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Painting Landscapes – Vol. VIII, Specify Acrylic or Oil, $59 + $7.50 shipping ($11.50 Canada & Intnl.)
     Habitat and landscapes play equally important roles in all paintings of wildlife. John Seerey-Lester spends a lot of time in the wilderness painting and studying landscapes.
     In this DVD he demonstrates the importance of value and color and how light and atmosphere can create interest. You’ll see his techniques for painting grass, trees, and mountains through the four seasons and watch as he eventually introduces wildlife into a scene. The placement of wildlife in a landscape is critical to the whole composition of a painting, and much thought needs to be given to its location. Watch and listen as John describes the thought process that goes into making such decisions. Finally he challenges you, the viewer, to make the decision for him and critiques alternative solutions.

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Painting Action – Vol. IX, Specify Acrylic or Oil, $59 + $7.50 shipping ($11.50 Canada & Intnl.)
     Painting animals and birds in action is one of the most challenging subjects for any artist. Watch as John Seerey-Lester demonstrates how action and movement in a painting can not only tell a story, but also become an important design element.
     John explains the do’s and don’ts of painting wildlife in action with the emphasis on anatomy. You will see how action in a painting can explain, in visual terms, an animal or bird’s behavioral characteristics.
     John demonstrates the oil painting techniques that help emphasize movement and how the placement of other elements in a painting can either help or hinder the desired flow of action

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Painting Skies – Vol. X, Specify Acrylic or Oil, $59 + $7.50 shipping ($11.50 Canada & Intnl.)
     The sky can sometimes be an important aspect of a scene— the entire mood of a painting can be changed by the choice of sky. In this DVD you’ll see how John Seerey-Lester goes about selecting and painting skies as a wildlife backdrop. He prefers to paint studies of skies on location rather than working from photographs. John feels this is the only way to understand and capture the true colors.
     Focusing on the use of color, John will demonstrate how he paints the different cloud formations—from the fluffy clouds of sunny days to the menacing and dramatic formations created by an approaching storm. You will see distant rain brush strokes, and how he achieves the many varied effects needed to successfully paint skies.

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Composition & Use of Light – Vol. XI, Specify Acrylic or Oil, $59 + $7.50 shipping ($11.50 Canada & Intnl.)
     Good design and composition are the main elements that make a painting successful. The difference between a merely well-rendered piece and a dynamically powerful painting is usually a function of design composition and use of light.
     John Seerey-Lester was trained in abstract painting and graphic design. He now applies these principles to his painting of wildlife. “The subject is immaterial — it’s the design that counts,” says John. “Many of my paintings originate from a pure design concept rather than an occurrence in the field.”
     Watch John demonstrate by comparison, how one composition works and another doesn’t. He explains the basics of design and composition and how certain rules can be broken or altered to achieve a particular effect. He shows how color, contrast and light can help or hinder a design, and finally by looking at some of his completed paintings, he discusses how these factors were used and brought together to create a successful composition.

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Painting Atmosphere – Vol. XII, Specify Acrylic or Oil, $59 + $7.50 shipping ($11.50 Canada & Intnl.)
     In recent years John Seerey-Lester has become renowned for his dark and atmospheric paintings. In this, the final DVD in his Master Series, John takes you through his thought process before finalizing a design concept. Watch as he takes a well-illuminated animal or bird and conceals it with his unique technique of multiple glazes; finally emphasizing and or introducing an interesting light source such as moonlight. See how he places his subjects in shadow and illuminates other elements of the painting or obscures his subjects with mist, rain and snow to create a mood of tranquility or drama.

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Set of 12 Videos / Specify Acrylic or Oil, $595 + $15 shipping ($30 Intnl.)

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Set of 24 Videos / Acrylic & Oil, $995 + $15 shipping ($30 Intnl.)

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Suzie Seerey-Lester